Resources to support the ideas and strategies from the text:

Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching

Practitioner’s Manual for the Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) Approach to the Prevention and Remediation of Learning Difficulties

Andreas Hansen and Kelly Morgan, 2019

The goal of this site, as a companion resource to the text above, is to introduce possible practitioners, including teachers and parents, to the educational approach of Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) in English. 

The essence or core of SCT can be expressed in the following two points: 

1.   Teaching Basic Conceptual Systems (BCSs) by means of the Concept Teaching Model (CTM) to prevent and/or remediate learning difficulties and improve prerequisites for learning

2.   Teaching academic concepts, school subjects and skills of different kinds by means of Basic Conceptual Systems as tools and Analytic Coding (AC) as a strategy.

More detailed information on the what, how and why of Systematic Concept Teaching can be found in the menu under the Overview heading.

It seems appropriate to underscore that the book mentioned above, Intelligent and Effective Learning Based on the Model for Systematic Concept Teaching, was written as a primary resource for the purposes specified in these two points. 

More can be found related to this in the menu under the Resources heading. The same is the case with the book referred to below as well.

This educational approach rests in no small degree on the works of Dr. Magne Nyborg (1927–1996), a Norwegian Educator. The title of his main book in English reflects very well his ambitions and objectives in his research, Pedagogy – The study of how to provide optimum conditions of learning for persons who may differ widely in prerequisites for learning.


Andreas Hansen, Dr. Polit.

Kelly Morgan, MA, SLP